Questions and Answers about Web Hosting & Domains

Is my identity and credit/debit card information secure?

You can make payments in our system safely because we are certified SSL and TrustWave.
To reinforce your security and avoid theft of your information, we recommend using a licensed antivirus on your computer so that you can carry out your online payment operations safely.

What are the payment options?

1. You can pay securely with your Credit/Debit card through PayU.
2. Through Paypal.
3. Payment at the counter or bank transfer through Banco Scotiabank.
4. Payment at the window or bank transfer through Banco de Crédito del Perú, or at any nearby BCP agent.

Can I change my domain name?

No, our policies do not allow modification of a domain name. If you want another domain you must complete the corresponding registration and payment.

Can I renew my domain for more than 5 years?

No, you can only renew for a maximum of 5 years.

What are the Syntax Rules that the requested domain must have?

• Valid characters: letters of the English alphabet (“a”-“z”), the digits (“0”-“9”), the hyphen (“-“) and the characters “á”, “é”, “í ”, “ó”, “ú”, “ñ”.
• Script (-). It cannot go to the beginning or end of the domain, nor can it be used in the third and fourth position simultaneously.
• Length: Minimum 1 character, maximum 63 characters

What type of restrictions exist when registering a domain?

• That the requested domain is previously registered.
• That the requested domain does not comply with the syntax rules.
• That the requested domain falls within some of the registration prohibitions.

For what reasons can an already registered domain be suspended, canceled or revoked?

Lack of renewal payment (the domain is suspended on the expiration date and is subsequently deleted after 50 days, if payment is not made).

Grounds for revocation or cancellation

• False information provided/Not verifying the email.
• Lack of payment for maintenance or renewal of the domain.
• By resolution of a Dispute Resolution Center.
• By judicial, administrative resolution or arbitration award.
• At the express request of the beneficiary.

What is the life cycle of a domain registered with andinohost?

(*) Allowed: From the expiration date until 20 days later you can renew your domain without any surcharge.
(*) Restorable: After the 21st until the following 30 days it is possible to recover the domain with a surcharge of up to 100%.

How to upload my website data to hosting?

To do this you must use an FTP client (we recommend using a freely distributed FTP client FileZilla).
To configure your FPT client you must use the access data that we provide when purchasing your web hosting.

How do I change the Whois data of my domain?

How do I change the DNS data of my Domain?

How do I obtain the DNS data of my Hosting?

To obtain DNS data log into your CORE account ( select your hosting plan and the DETAILS option. or request us through our live chat. To do this you must have your customer code at hand.