Policies for acceptance, use and abuse of andinohost services for a good commercial relationship with guarantees, trust and security of the company with the client.

Acceptance Policies

andinohost is dedicated to offering a complete service of optimal quality. The following terms and conditions are necessary to ensure that we can continue to offer the best possible service to all of our clients while at the same time satisfying our legal and ethical responsibilities.

Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions, the accepted contract and/or the accepted policies will give rise to the immediate deactivation of your account or contracted service, with notification after the suspension, via email to your account explaining the reasons for the suspension. deactivation, likewise this right is reserved for andinohost.

The resulting decision on suspension or deactivation of the Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS service will cause the loss of all fees and charges paid. Complaints made regarding abuse of an account will be investigated and if found guilty will be grounds for immediate suspension.

To report suspected abuse or any violation of these policies, please contact our abuse department at

Illegal use

andinohost servers may be used for legal purposes only. Storage, publication of any information, data or material that violates any regulation or law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other intellectual property used without proper authorization, sale of restricted drugs, and material that is obscene and/or defamatory constitutes an illegal matter. Examples of unacceptable content: pirated programs, hacker programs or files, warez sites, mp3, and IRC bots. The customer subscribed to andinohost's services agrees to indemnify and hold harmless andinohost from any claim resulting from the use of the services that harms the subscriber or a third party legally in accordance with the laws.

andinohost cannot be the place or the means for the distribution of any illegal content, therefore the storage of illegal content on the andinohost servers is prohibited and it is equally restricted to link to other sites that have illegal content. Online pharmacies are not allowed in our network. andinohost will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation.

Adult content
Legal adult content is allowed but not child pornography.

Violations of system or network security are prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. Examples include, but are not limited to the following: Unauthorized access, use, testing, or scanning of security measures or authentication systems, data or traffic. Interference with service to any user, host or network including, without limitation, mail bombing, flooding, deliberate attempts to overload a system and broadcast attacks. Forging any TCP-IP packet header or any part of the header information in an email or newsgroup.

Chat Rooms
andinohost does not provide or allow chat rooms in shared hosting environments, this service is only allowed on Dedicated and VPS servers. Please note that Chat rooms are handled differently than Basic Chat.

Hidden Executable Programs
andinohost does not allow (Daemons) or the execution of programs such as: IRC bots, eggdrop, BitchX, XIRCON and any other program that interferes with the normal functioning of the server.

andinohost does not allow IRC servers, IRC bots or IRC Shell. To use these programs it is necessary to hire a dedicated server.

Banned Scripts
No proxy servers or scripts, torrent trackers or torrent clients are allowed to be run from shared hosting and resellers. Furthermore, andinohost does not register/install DLL/EXE libraries or software on our shared and reseller hosting servers.

andinohost performs daily backups on all servers to ensure that critical files are never lost. However, andinohost is not responsible for loss of data, time, income or any other resources due to faulty backups or non-existent backups. Please always keep a personal copy of your site data.

andinohost is not responsible for failures in the generation of backup copies (Backups) of Hosting accounts in any case that have been configured on shared servers and VPS, the client is responsible for the configuration, management, secure storage and verification of operation of your Backups.

Data on our shared servers is copied to a separate hard drive on a monthly, weekly and/or daily basis (Linux servers only, does not apply to Windows servers). Due to the nature of hard drives that may generate errors or problems that cannot guarantee 100% recovery, our support staff will endeavor to recover 100% information. The restore charge is used to maintain the highest level of security and integrity of our backups and strive to help you restore data that may be unrecoverable and not backed up.

Live Chat

andinohost made a live chat system available to all its clients through chat.andean.host. The client agrees that said means of contact is only a quick way to guide them in a generalized manner. This medium will never be used to modify account data such as: changes to contact information, modification of passwords, adding, modifying or deleting files within the client sites and many other modifications.

Andinohost staff will be the only arbiter who can judge whether or not the problem you report is suitable for resolution through live chat. In case the problem is not suitable to be solved by live chat, our staff will always ask you to send an email to .

Guaranteed Technical Support

andinohost makes several operating systems available to our clients, with the purpose that the client chooses according to their needs and experience. The customer should always be aware that andinohost only provides guaranteed technical support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Centos Linux.

The customer who has a Dedicated or VPS service must purchase a Cpanel license (control panel for servers with Centos) or a Plesk license (control panel for Windows Server 2012). If the customer chooses another operating system or decides not to install any control panel, please note that our technicians will not provide support.

Customer Responsibility

The client is responsible for all activities coming from his account including if he is proven to be a victim of external hacking or address falsification. The customer is responsible for securing his/her username/password. The client assumes responsibility for all material on its site that may be subject to third parties including the use of links to other websites. The use of the andinohost service requires a certain level of knowledge in the use of Internet languages, protocols and software. This level of knowledge varies depending on the intended use and desired by the client.

The examples offered are: Web Publishing: requires knowledge of HTML, locating and linking documents, FTP, Web content, graphics, text, sound, map images, etc. CGI-Scripts: requires knowledge of the UNIX environment, TAR and GUNZIP commands, Perl, C shell scripts, permissions, etc. Mail: Use mail clients to send and receive using Horde and SquirrelMail for Linux and Horde for Windows. The client assumes that they have the necessary knowledge to create and maintain their web space. The client agrees that it is not the responsibility of andinohost to provide this knowledge or support outside of the specific matter to the andinohost servers.

Unsolicited Commercial Email – SPAM
Spaming or sending unsolicited mass email, from or through an andinohost server, or using an email address that is maintained on an andinohost computer, is STRICTLY prohibited.
andinohost will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of the provisions. If you engage in any of the aforementioned activities, using the ISP or IP services of another provider, but channeling activities through andinohost servers such as mail delivery, or mail for responses, it is assumed to be a violation. Any account that commits this action faces immediate suspension without prior notice.

Server Abuses
Any attempt to undermine or cause damage to an andinohost server or client is strictly prohibited. Any of andinohost's subnets and dedicated servers must adhere to the aforementioned policies. Failure to comply or follow any of the above guidelines is grounds for account deactivation.
We reserve the right to delete any account without prior notice. The user agrees to only use shared hosting services for the intended applications. andinohost will be the sole arbiter of what is considered misuse of the service.

The user undertakes to request andinohost, in the event that they are not sure of the operation of their applications for the shared hosting service, for the advice and information they warrant.

Program Distribution
Andinohost shared hosting accounts cannot be used for the purposes of distributing programs or multimedia products. If you wish to distribute programs and/or files, please contact for a special agreement.

Media Files
Multimedia files are defined as any graphics, audio, and video files. andinohost hosting accounts cannot be used to store an unusual amount of media files. Any site whose disk space is used for storage of media files that exceed 70% of its total usage, either in terms of total size or number of files, will be accused and reported of using unusual amount of media files.

Domain Names
andinohost will take the necessary steps to register domain names on behalf of the client when requested. However, customers are responsible for paying for the renewal of their domain names. andinohost is not responsible for non-renewal of domain names. If your domain name was registered through our company, you must verify and take appropriate steps to make payment for a domain that is about to expire. If you have problems with payment methods please send a ticket to

Actions taken by andinohost
Customer's failure to know or follow any of the aforementioned policies and/or terms warrants deactivation of the account. andinohost has reserved this right, complying with a subsequent written notification to the client, explaining the reasons for the cancellation or deactivation, the above so as not to harm the perfect service that we are committed to offering to all our clients and/or consumers. When andinohost becomes aware of a violation of its AUP (Use and Abuse Policies), andinohost will initiate an investigation.

During the investigation, andinohost may restrict access to the client in order to prevent future unauthorized activities. Depending on the severity of the violation, andinohost may, at its own discretion, restrict, suspend or terminate the client's hosting account and/or promote other civil, commercial or criminal liabilities. If said violation constitutes a crime, andinohost will report and provide all the information at its disposal to the criminal authorities of said violation so that they can proceed legally; andinohost does not grant credits for interruptions incurred due to disabling the service resulting from a violation of the AUP.

andinohost.la customers agree to indemnify and hold andinohost harmless for any claim resulting from use of the service that harms: the customer, andinohost or a third party. andinohost does not guarantee to be free of errors, complete security or interruptions. No oral notice or written information given by andinohost, its employees, suppliers or the like will create any warranty. andinohost, its departments and suppliers will NOT be responsible for any costs or damages arising either directly or indirectly from any misuse of the service.

Recurring Abuses

andinohost may at its discretion be tolerable with an improper action by a client. However, any client who causes more than 5 problems on an andinohost Server (dedicated or shared) in a period of less than 2 months will provide sufficient grounds for the suspension and/or elimination of their account and subaccounts.

It is understood that "the client" is the person who contracts a service at andinohost and he is responsible for all activity generated in his account even if he personally has not done an improper action, in case his web hosting account supports multi-domain. He must be responsible for all activity generated by “his clients.”

Domain Hosting

andinohost strictly prohibits hosting domains with free termination (TLDs).

andinohost reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any matter provided in these policies, at any time and without notice. The client accepts the responsibility of visiting this section continually. The policies that will apply to the customer will be the policies published here and those accepted at the time of making your purchase.

Refusal of Service
We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or suspend the service whenever there is a breach of the contract or the policies accepted by the client.

Email Policies

andinohost has a high degree of restriction in its policy regarding unsolicited commercial emails (UCE) and unsolicited bulk email (UBE) also known as “spam”.

The definition of spam: An electronic message is “spam” IF:

  • The recipient's personal identity and context are irrelevant because the message is equally applicable to many other potential recipients.
  • Spam is called unsolicited, unwanted or messages from an unknown sender, usually of an advertising nature, sent in large quantities (even massive) that harm the recipient in one or more ways. The action of sending such messages is called spamming.
  • The transmission and reception of the message appears with the recipient to give an exaggerated benefit to the recipient.

In the following link you can find more detailed information on the qualification made by the regulatory body for sending emails. http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus61-can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business

You will be classified as “UCE/UBE abuse” if you send any email to people who have not specifically requested to receive email from you. The email sending origin is not relevant. Upon confirmation of abuse, any andinohost client who engages in this practice will have their service suspended. Abuse creates an overload on the server and this can unleash negative effects that are reflected in its poor functioning and performance, this directly affects it, leading it to be included in blacklists.

If from your site you are going to send emails to subscribers, here is a list of what is needed for this:

  • The number of messages allowed to be sent per hour, day and domain is 350 messages.
  • You must not attempt to conceal, falsify or misrepresent the sender of the email and the site where the email is sent from.
  • The sending of mass mail must specify in a verifiable way the means by which the addresses of the people have been obtained and must indicate the frequency of the emails.

Bulk shipments should contain simple and obvious subscription mechanisms. We recommend this be in the form of a working relationship to a one-click subscription system, however, you can also ask the recipient to reply to the email with a specific subject. All email subscriptions must have valid, contact information for the sending organization in the text of each email that includes either a phone number or physical mailing address.

A mass email must be requested, defining that the sender has an existing or probable relationship with the recipient, and must also be able to verify that these subscribers have not disagreed with said messages in the past. Documentation of the relationship between the sender and receiver must be available for future review by andinohost.

Prohibited uses of the andinohost network system and services with respect to Spam Sending of unsolicited mass email.

In no way do we tolerate andinohost servers being used as a means to send mass mail. andinohost accounts and services should not be used to incorporate clients or responses to messages sent to other Internet providers, where those messages violate these policies or those of the other provider.
Any type of mass email sending on shared servers is not allowed. For example: spam, email marketing etc…. For this type of massive sending, a Dedicated Server or VPS must be used, since, according to our email sending policies in the web hosting and reseller hosting service, the sending of emails is limited to only 350 emails per hour. ; This limitation is necessary to maintain the stability of the mail service on shared servers.

The 350 emails/hour/account corresponds to a measure of reasonable use, this does not mean that 350 emails/hour/account can be sent 24 hours a day, since this would be considered sending mass mail expressly prohibited on servers. shared.

Sending unconfirmed mailing lists

All mailing lists sent by andinohost clients must be through a double subscription confirmation system (“Confirmed Opt-in”). The confirmation message received from each email account owner must be kept on file for the duration of the mailing list's existence.

The purchase of email lists from third parties for sending from any domain hosted on andinohost or with reference to any andinohost account is prohibited. Operating an account on behalf of, or in connection with, or reselling any services to persons or firms listed in the Spamhaus Register or Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database at www.spamhaus.org is prohibited.

We receive automatic reports from Spamhaus, AOL and SpamCop about our IP ranges. If there are more than three complaints regarding your site in one day, the site will be suspended until prior notice is made with the report generated.

Resource abuse policy

Any website on our shared servers that uses a large amount of server resources (CPU, memory usage and network resources) will be given the option to pay for a dedicated server. The abuse and misuse of shared system resources is a serious problem. Accounts on a shared server must share resources with other users so we must limit the amount of CPU and memory that can be used by any account.

To be fair, we can't allow one or two clients to use all the system resources on a shared machine and have all the other clients suffer because of it. Excessive CPU usage and memory usage by one or more clients causes extreme slowness in all areas: MySQL, email, HTTP, and more. If the CPU and memory usage of a few clients gets out of control, all sites hosted on the computer will fail and will not be accessible at all.

Average resource limits for a server.

  • Memory usage may not exceed 10% per domain/file/application
  • CPU usage may not exceed 20% per domain/file/application
  • Apache connections may not exceed 30 connections (HTTP)
  • 15 MySQL user connections maximum allowed
  • 15 FTP user connections maximum allowed
  • 15 SMTP user connections maximum allowed
  • 15 POP3 user connections maximum allowed
  • 350 emails per hour, day and per domain
  • PHP memory for shared hosting accounts will have a maximum value of 64 MB
  • In Shared Hosting hosting (Linux or Windows) the size of the mysql database or sql server should not be greater than 300 MB, otherwise you must scale to a vps service or dedicated server.
  • MySQL queries will have a maximum execution time of 30 seconds, after this time the database can be suspended

There are special exceptions to these rules that will be determined at the time the abuse is discovered. There are different combinations of use that can create problems and other special cases. Any time a server is unstable and an account is found to be the cause, we reserve the right to suspend the account to keep the server online and functioning normally. If the usage tends to be higher, the user is recommended to invest in a dedicated server so that the website can grow at a normal rate and without restrictions.


In the event that your website has been suspended for resource abuse (abuse that cannot be resolved by removing and changing a script, etc.) and you do not wish to upgrade to a dedicated server to accommodate your site's needs, the suspension within 24-48 hours. This is to ensure that the CPU reduces traffic to prevent further damage and problems. A backup will take care of your files or you will be allowed FTP/cPanel access for a certain period of time. If you have questions about our abuse policy they can be answered by opening a ticket with our abuse division. You can visit the help desk by clicking here ().


Accounts on any shared hosting account cannot have an excessive number of nodes. Any account that has more than 100,000 nodes can be removed from our system via backup to avoid overload. Any account that is monitored and has a number greater than 250,000 nodes is at risk of suspension. A warning will be sent and if no action is taken to resolve the problem, the account may be suspended. Each file in the account is counted as 1 node. This includes email as well as website content. You can request information from the help desk by clicking here ().


Allows customers to configure CRON (Scheduled Task) to perform routine functions automatically. Any client that sets their scheduled task to a time of 10 minutes may be abusing the cron system. Any automated process that excessively consumes resources and impacts server stability may be disabled at our discretion by our technicians.


In order to control the VPS hardware node and to ensure that no VPS account does not monopolize the node's shared hardware resources (CPU/RAM), you have the limits to implement certain controls. Process limits (numproc), RAM limits, and CPU usage limits. The “numproc” limit does not actually correlate directly with the number of processes they generate but with the number of threads at the kernel level, any VPS account generates a number of processes at the kernel level, these processes are controlled by the kernel. See below for specified limits.


To understand what a VPS server is, you must describe its acronym in English, which stands for Virtual Private Servers, and whose literal translation in Spanish is: Virtual Private Servers.

As its name indicates, a VPS server does not share the space assigned to each site with other users. Therefore, performance improves considerably, by not having to share storage space or RAM memory.

The most important feature of a VPS server lies in the guarantee that your page will not suffer any problems while the company you hire for your WEB HOSTING has problems or performs maintenance actions.

Perhaps the price of a VPS server is what scares people, but not because they are extremely expensive, but because they offer many advantages and people automatically associate this quality with a high or high price. However, the best way to determine the approximate cost of a VPS server is based on the difference that exists between it and a dedicated server, both are very similar, but their costs are extremely different.

Purchasing a dedicated server will surely be very expensive if you do not have enough money to purchase it, since you basically have to buy a complete server. It is advisable for those people who want to have the privileges of a dedicated server but at a much lower cost, is to buy a good VPS server and work with it to improve the page or website.

Before hiring a VPS server, you should verify the monthly data transfer it allows, the size of the disk space it manages, the RAM memory capacity it offers, and the processor it uses. But above all, verify that the qualities it presents are compatible with the characteristics of your website and the growth you want to have in the future.

andinohost offers you the best web page hosting in Spain, the best support and unbeatable prices on Web hosting and complementary services that you can receive, such as VPS servers.

Each selected plan will allow you to manage your own resources, the plan, your total memory as well as your total disk space and monthly transfer. As it is a virtual Server, it also has limitations, such as its MYSQL processes.

To have better performance on each VPS, the node is controlled, which is the one that hosts its virtual partition for its VPS, for this reason there are a number of limits, which will help all the VPS hosted on the node respect and be under the allowed limits without affecting the other accounts.

Control is maintained over the machine's resources such as, it must be taken into account that these limits are not related to the space or monthly transfer characteristics.

VPS – Process limits
VPS1 – 180:180
VPS2 – 220:220
VPS3 – 260:260
VPS4 – 300:300

We strictly limit the amount of RAM each VPS account can use. Your account will only be able to use the amount of RAM that is guaranteed for your VPS.

VPS – Memory limits
VPS1 – 1536MB
VPS2 – 2048MB
VPS3 – 3072MB
VPS4 – 4096MB

Our VPS offer an equal share of CPU to all accounts hosted on the node. With this proposal, the CPU limits are as follows:

CPU usage limits
VPS1/2/3 – 700MHz guaranteed, maximum at 850MHz

What does each limit refer to?

Process limit:
All operating systems and programs (software) use processes (tasks and in Linux known as daemons). Because VPS are virtualizations, they limit the number of simultaneous tasks they can perform at the kernel level. Any VPS account generates a number of Kernel-level processes, these processes are controlled by the kernel. That is why it is limited to not overload the node in which it is hosted.

Memory limit:
Every VPS has, according to its plan, a memory limit which wears out depending on the use of the VPS. It must be taken into account that to manage the cpanel, the memory used is 500 MB, the remainder is distributed in the tasks scheduled by the VPS. , like MYSql, apache, etc.

It is important to take into account for the administration of your vps that a hosting account hosted on it can generate, to a reasonable extent of use, a consumption of 0 to 1 % of the ram memory of your virtual server so as not to generate loads on the vps. , a consumption greater than 1% may cause a decrease in vps performance.

CPU limit:
CPU, short for Central Processing Unit, The CPU is the brain of the computer. Sometimes referred to simply as the processor, the CPU is where most calculations occur. In terms of computer power, the CPU is the most important element of a computer system.

Because it is the most important element of the machine, it is the one that requires the most care. For this reason, only the guaranteed 700MHz is guaranteed in a VPS, maximum at 850MHz this value does not vary in any of the plans, since if this limit is maintained the node that host the VPS, it will have better performance.

It is important to keep in mind for the administration of your vps that a hosting account hosted on it can generate, to a reasonable extent, a consumption of 0 to 2 % of the cpu usage of your virtual server so as not to generate loads on the vps. , a consumption greater than 2% may cause a decrease in the performance of the virtual server.


andinohost reserves the right to add, delete or modify any provision of these policies at any time without prior notice. You agree to be bound by any changes made by andinohost. If you have purchased services or software from andinohost, the validity of this agreement will continue if you keep the purchased or contracted services in use.

Satisfaction Guarantee

30-day warranty statement for Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting accounts (Not valid for domain registration); If for any sustainable technical reason you are not satisfied with the services you receive from andinohost during the first 30 days of service, you can request in writing, by email or by our cancellation form or by ticket that your services be terminated and you receive a full refund.

Please note that you must indicate a detailed reason why you are canceling the service (as requested for any cancellation regardless of time), andinohost is the sole arbiter as to whether your reason is valid and whether all possible measures were taken to provide a solution to your request on your side and on ours without having to cancel your service.

New Accounts

All orders generated by our website for the purchase of shared Web Hosting, Reseller, are activated in a period of 24 to 48 hours by andinohost administrators (Sales department).
You will receive two emails (Hosting Access Data and Customer Area Login Data) including detailed login information after your purchase.

Domain Names and Domain Transfers

For your domain name to point to the andinohost server, where you have your Web Hosting account, you must modify your DNS (Domain Name Server) data with your registrant or domain provider. These DNS are located in the Administration Data email and are defined in pairs (primary: ns1.andino.host, secondary: ns2.andino.host).

Important note: A domain transfer is when you physically wish to transfer your domain to andinohost and no longer be with your original registrant, a domain transfer costs $12 USD or according to the extension of your domain name.

To carry out the successful transfer of your domain you must take into account the following aspects:

  • Your domain must have the status “Active / OK”, it cannot have any type of block.
  • Your domain must have ID protection disabled to successfully complete the transfer.
  • You must have as the domain's technical contact an email that is your property or administration since the Authorization email for the transfer will arrive there. If the transfer is not approved, your domain will not be able to transfer from one provider to another.
  • You must request the EPP key or Auth Code from your current domain provider to provide it to our management staff and thus be able to start the domain transfer process.
  • Please note that some providers lock your domain for a period of 30 or 60 days if you make contact changes, so please verify this information before making any changes.
  • Your domain cannot be expired if you wish to transfer it, it must be active and the transfer must be initiated a minimum of 15 days before the domain expires or if you have already renewed it with your current provider and wish to transfer it, you must wait a minimum of 30 days to start the transfer.
  • To begin the transfer process, the cost must be paid according to the values indicated above; however, confirm with our sales staff the amount to be paid for your domain transfer.

andinohost will take the necessary measures to register the domain names requested by the client. However, users are responsible for renewing their domains. andinohost is not responsible for failed Domain renewals. If your domain name was registered through our company, you should verify and take the appropriate steps to renew a domain that is about to expire. If you have any questions about DNS changes or domain names in general, please open a ticket at our help desk.


andinohost believes in freedom of expression, however, any content (written, visual or implicit) in the following areas will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate suspension of the service (in most cases it is allowed to generate a backup of your site ): racism or prejudice due to color, creed or beliefs; any content (violent/malicious/obscene), visual or implied.

We will not tolerate the site expressing hate or terrorism on our network. If we receive notice that a hate site is hosted on our network, the customer hosting the material will be notified immediately. The client is obliged to delete the content within a certain period of time or will face account suspension and/or termination.

We prefer that you self-regulate the content of your account, be aware of and responsible for what your site provides publicly. Even if another user has access to your account, you are responsible for their actions. The resources and time necessary to regulate our servers by reviewing each site and its movements are impossible to assign, therefore you are directly responsible for the content of your website.
However, if andinohost becomes aware of any questionable content hosted on our servers, we will resolve issues immediately and directly with you to seek an amicable solution, if anyone contacts us about content they have found on an andinohost server that infringes. your copyright of some material or that you wish to be removed, requires the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright et) notification to begin the investigation.


andinohost does not make any endorsement, claim or promise regarding the services offered to clients and will not be responsible for any dispute or claim against said client. In no event will andinohost be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, or any type of damages, arising from the use or performance of a client's Internet site, or any information (including that been generated through a backup by the client), service or product provided through it.

If there is any objectionable content on any server on our network, we will not take any action against the material or action until the website is brought to our attention by contacting our abuse department or through our CUSTOMER SUPPORT department.

Payments and Payment Agreements

You are responsible for the timely payment of all fees and charges generated from your service. You must provide andinohost with a valid credit card for payments and, failing that, make bank deposits or interbank transfers to the andinohost account. To verify and apply your payment you must inform or send an email with the image of your deposit or transfer to the email or contact us by phone at our contact numbers.

Additionally, you, the customer, hereby guarantee payment of all fees or charges billed to you for which service has been provided. You also agree to pay fees or charges for any subscription you have with andinohost. All fees will be charged to the credit card you designate during the registration process.

We accept all payments through credit cards, debit cards, bank deposit or bank transfer to Scotiabank and/or BCP del Peru accounts. Annual plans are automatically renewed and charged to the most recently updated credit card if your payment method is by this means. If you cancel by bank deposit, our system will generate a receipt indicating the amount to be paid and the accounts. to make your deposit.

In the event that your annual charge is denied and we are unable to contact you, then the aforementioned fee to enable your account will apply. Monthly payments will be incurred for the entire duration of the service, you will be charged while you remain subscribed, until you request your own (formal) cancellation of the account, said process must be carried out from your customer area or via ticket according to the terms described in the Cancellations item. Any unpaid debt will be transferred to a collection agency for collection.

Please send any questions regarding payments to our accounting department by opening a ticket on our help desk (CORE).

Additional charges

Our Web Hosting services have been designed to accommodate most usage scenarios given our client's needs. However, its use may vary and requires additional allocations, specifically in the storage and traffic areas. We will never automatically charge your card if your account requires more resources.

You must keep your email address up to date in the system, so that you can receive an email when your account reaches certain limits determined solely by our system, i.e. a bandwidth exceedance warning, for example to 80%, at which time you can contact us to purchase a higher transfer fee, if you do not contact us, the system will suspend your site if you exceed what is allocated.


Whether shared/reseller/domain Web Hosting accounts, if you wish to cancel your services, you must complete the cancellation form, (5) business days before your renewal date. If your cancellation form is not received within that time period, you will be responsible for the payment corresponding to the proceeding month and you hereby accept the obligation to pay in full according to the value of the receipt. You must generate a ticket to the following email ().

To cancel your account you must receive confirmation of receipt of your request within a period of no more than 72 hours. If Andinohost does not receive it, it must be communicated immediately by telephone or livechat to verify that it has been received. If you do not receive confirmation from us, it will be understood that said cancellation request does not exist.

Refunds and Account Termination

If for any reason, andinohost does not provide such services, a prorated refund will be made. No refund will be made if the matter corresponds to violation of the policies established by andinohost to suspend or terminate its services early. In the event that you require the cancellation of your account, once your service has been canceled your account will be suspended and will then be deleted within a period of (50) days, deleting all types of information on the server. Cancellations of prepaid accounts on a monthly basis, no refund will be made. Cancellations of prepaid accounts are on an annual basis, only a prorated refund will be made based on the monthly rate of the same hosting plan.

If for any reason your account is suspended and remains suspended, it will be deleted (deleted) after a period of (50) days.

All payments for additional services (SSL Certificates, Domain Redirection, ID Protection) are non-refundable as they are included as a special requirement and complement to the main service. Our company abides by the policies of the providers of said service in their non-reimbursement policy for complementary services.

Bandwidth Usage Policies

All bandwidth charges are exclusively calculated based on the charts provided in DECC All Web Hosting leased plans include a data transfer rate on a 30-day monthly schedule.

If your monthly usage exceeds the contracted bandwidth transfer rate within 30 days your page will not be visible.

Time it will take for our team to respond to tickets.

Response time

andinohost guarantees its customers that technical assistance will be provided 365 days a year during the support hours established in the following support link.
All managed services customers are covered by forty-five minutes (45 min) initial response guarantee time for Level 1 support. This guarantee covers all requests submitted to our level 1 support department through our help system or the Core customer portal (core.andean.host).

Level 1:
andinohost will respond to all level 1 support requests within the initial forty-five (45) minutes after receiving the request. The client will send a report of the problems presented through their CORE account (core.andean.host). Level 1 support queries range from an inquiry about a particular feature such as: website availability, DNS-related questions, and basic diagnostics. Level 1 queries generally consist of all those related to the website and cPanel, and which can be resolved without needing to access the server via SSH.

The forty-five (45) minute initial response time guarantee covers all support requests related to Level 1 Support. This guarantee means that all initial support requests will be responded to within forty-five (45) minutes, but does not mean that the problem will be resolved within this time or within one (1) hour. When a request qualifies as an advanced topic, it may require assistance from Level 2 or Level 3 technical support. The response time that is handled in the first 45 minutes only applies to Level 1 and does not apply to any other Level of Support. This warranty does not include response times during a network outage or a problem that may affect the network infrastructure.

Promotion policies, coupons offered by andinohost

andinohost reserves the right to add, delete or modify the promotions at any time without prior notice.


This site service level availability agreement (SLA) applies if you have ordered any hosting plan (“service”) and are in good financial standing with andinohost

Service level

andinohost strives to have availability of network connectivity through http access by third parties 99.9% of the time (“Website availability”).


In the event that there is no website availability andinohost will give corresponding credit according to the following table, based on 24 hours. up to date on a monthly calendar. The credit will never be longer than the contracted period.

In order for you to receive the credit on your account, you must request it within 7 business days of experiencing the unavailability, then we will verify our statistics. You must request the credit by sending a request to our billing department through the help desk (https://core.andean.host/ ). The message should contain your domain name, the dates and times of unavailability of your site, please note that andinohost may request some other data. Credits will generally be applied within six (6) days of your credit request.


Credits will not be granted in the event that your site is not available due to:

  1. Scheduled maintenance
  2. Failures in the programming of your code, in your computer or the applications you use.
    Circumstances beyond the control of HostDime.com.pe, for example, and not limited to: government movements, wars, sabotage, embargo, fire, natural disasters, strike, DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks widespread service], interruption or delay in telecommunications or third-party services (including DNS propagation), failure of third-party software or hardware.


Not all problems due to the NO Visibility/Availability of your website can be assumed by Hostdime, there are times when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) makes changes to its policies.
It is probably your ISP that is experiencing technical difficulties, or there may be a routing problem between your ISP and the data center, making communication difficult or impossible. We cannot evade responsibility for these problems. Our monitoring agents will help you assess the service restoration time.

Server reset

Hostdime is NOT responsible for restoring data to the server. We always recommend that you purchase backup options for your server, for shared web hosting accounts we keep copies of your data off-site for you in case of emergency. If there is a hardware failure or data loss occurs, you, the customer, are responsible for restoring the data. Hostdime will not be responsible for data loss under any circumstances.

Hardware Replacement

Hardware replacement will occur within 1-8 hours of reporting the problem, andinohost will refund 5% of the monthly fee for every 8 hours of lost time (up to 100% of the customer's monthly fee). In order to reduce the time lost due to hardware replacement, we keep a number of pre-built systems in storage to install hard drives so that your server can be back up and running in the shortest time possible. For hard drive failures, we keep drivers pre-installed with our standard partitioning for immediate availability. In order to request credit for equipment violation from ANS, you must report the contract violation within the first 10 days to our sales department through our help desk (https://core.andean.host/). Violations of the ANS will be reviewed by our staff Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. *Hardware SLA violations will not cover network violation.

Backups in Shared Hosting

andinohost performs daily and/or weekly security backups on all our shared servers to ensure that the most important files are never lost. However, andinohost is not responsible for the loss of data, time, income or any other resource due to defective or non-existent backup copies.

Please always back up your data for redundancy. There is a one-time charge of $50 for us to restore a backup of your account due to an error outside our control. If your account or data is lost due to hardware issues, we will restore your files, at no additional cost. Data on our shared servers is backed up daily and/or weekly to independent hard drives. We cannot guarantee 100% data recovery, but we will do our best to recover as much as we can. The modest charge for backup restore provides a measure of security for you and compensates us for the time it takes to restore your files.

Security backups on Dedicated Server or VPS

Due to the nature of VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers, andinohost does not provide any type of security backup solution by default. Backups depend directly on the client to maintain backup of their own data. We will offer the following options for backups at an additional cost.

For VPS accounts, we recommend purchasing a remote FTP storage account to configure the server to perform backups locally and then to FTP remote storage. If something happens to your VPS account, remote backups will remain intact and available to you, as well as our technical support team. In addition to this measure, we also recommend that you keep at least 1 copy of your data on your local storage and/or office machines to improve data redundancy and crash recovery.

For dedicated server accounts, it is highly recommended to have an option for backups of your server, as well as keeping copies of your data offsite for emergencies. You can purchase a secondary or tertiary drive to keep your backup data locally or you can purchase a remote FTP storage account. If hardware failure and data loss occur, you are responsible for restoring the data. HostDime will not be responsible for any loss of data under any circumstances.

If you choose to enable backups for your local VPS disk or partition, the backup space will count as total usable space on that disk. In the event that the drive fails, is hacked, or is otherwise compromised, andinohost is not responsible for the lack of backup copies of your data.

Your data is the backbone of your business and we urge you to take the best precautions to secure it. Please contact our sales team if you have any questions.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)

Provides a mechanism to notify service providers of claims of unauthorized use of intellectual property-protected materials. Under the DMCA, a complaint may be sent to the service provider's designated agent. If you believe in good faith that andinohost should be notified of possible online Internet copyright infringement involving a member of andinohost's customer base, please notify our designated agent by email at

Caveat emptor (The client assumes the risk)

We provide general information on this page, we do not provide legal advice. Please consult with an attorney if you have a legal problem.

Broadly speaking, defamation is the making of a false statement about another person, which causes the person to suffer some type of harm. Defamation consists of the making of defamatory statements by a temporary (non-fixed) representation, usually an oral (spoken) representation. Slander consists of making defamatory statements in a printed or fixed medium, such as a magazine, newspaper or website. In simple terms, slander is defamation through oral means, and slander is defamation through writing. Slander is the most common type of defamation that we as a service provider must deal with.

If a person posts defamatory content online they may be liable for doing so. However, “47 USC sec. “Section 230 provides that online service providers are not publishers of content posted on users’ websites.” Section 230 gives ISPs the power to allow customers to practice free speech or have it removed. the content, which they prefer, in response to claims by others that the content is defamatory or libelous.

The Internet is a public medium, therefore, we believe that serious defamation problems should be resolved by public officials. We will not request that a client remove or edit any content from the website until we receive a copy of a court order specifying the defamatory statements. This immunity does not extend to claims made under intellectual property laws, please see our DMCA section for cases of copyright infringement.