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andinohost reserves the right to add, delete or modify any provision of these policies at any time without prior notice. You agree to be bound by any changes made by andinohost, if you have purchased services or software from andinohost, the validity of this agreement will continue if you continue to use the services purchased or provided by us.

Information Collection

andinohost collects certain information from and about its users in three ways: (1) registrations from our website, (2) with cookies and (3) directly from the user.

  1. Registrations from Our Website
    When you visit our website, andinohost may collect information to administer the site and analyze its use, such as:

    • Your Internet Protocol address.
    • The type of browser or computer you use.
    • The number of links when entering our website.
    • The state or country where you are entering our website.
    • The date and time of your visit.
    • The name of your Internet service provider.
    • Your IP address
    • The web page from which you linked to our website.
    • The pages you view on our website.
  2. cookies
    Our website uses cookies (bits: small text placed by our servers in a file on your hard drive). We use cookies to save your preferences and login information, providing personalized functionality. You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings, but please note that this disables some of the features found on the andinohost website. For more information about cookies visit the following link:
  3. Directly from the User
    All personal information that the user voluntarily enters on our site, the creation of the personal profile, the registration to the service of notification of special offers via email, the registration to our programs of loyalty, the sending of electronic postcards, as well as the information you enter during your participation in the online contests, raffles and surveys that we carry out from time to time. For each of these programs, the information requested is different and is stored in separate databases.

Online contact

The information requested in this section allows andinohost to contact customers when necessary. Among the information requested from the user is: name, surname, name of the company where they work, address, email and telephone number. Users may be contacted by phone or email if additional information is required to complete a transaction. Offer notification program via email. The information that visitors provide us includes: first name, last name, email address, address, country, telephone number, preferences and habits, among others. The user can modify this information at any time and it will be used to adapt the promotions and notices sent to the preferences indicated by the user.

Online contests, sweepstakes and surveys

The type of information requested by these means can be very variable, it may include personal data, habits and preferences, opinions about the services of our sites and comments about proposed services. The information collected will be for the exclusive use of andinohost and will be intended to provide user feedback about the services we provide in order to improve them.

After the information reaches andinohost it is stored on a secure server that resides protected by a firewall designed to hinder access from outside the company. Unfortunately, no Internet transmission can guarantee your security to 100%. Therefore, although andinohost strives to protect your personal information, it cannot ensure or warrant the security of the transmission of any information related to any of our online services, so you are at your own risk. Once the data is received, we will do everything possible to safeguard its security on our systems. On this topic, the andinohost team of collaborators has focused its efforts on offering modern and advanced technology in order to offer you the greatest possible security.

Confidentiality of information

When you are on the andinohost site and are asked for personal information, you will share the information only with andinohost unless otherwise specified. andinohost will not share confidential information with third parties, unless it has express authorization from those who subscribed, or when it has been required by court order to comply with procedural provisions. andinohost does not sell or rent user information. If the user's personal data must be shared with business partners or sponsors, the user will be notified before it is collected or transferred.

If the user does not want their data to be shared, they can decide not to use a certain service or not participate in some promotions or contests. andinohost may disseminate aggregate user statistics (for example, the percentage of our users who are men or over a certain age, etc.) to describe our services and for other lawful purposes where permitted by law. andinohost may disclose account information in special cases when we believe that providing this information may serve to identify, locate or take legal action against persons who may violate the terms of service of the andinohost sites or cause damage or interference with the rights of andinohost or its properties, other users of the andinohost sites or any other person who could be harmed by such activities.

andinohost may disclose or obtain access to account information when, acting in good faith, we believe it is necessary for legal, administrative or other reasons and we deem it necessary to maintain, provide and develop our products and services. andinohost does not assume any obligation to keep confidential any other information that the user provides, including information that the user provides through newsletters (tickets) and online conversations (chats), as well as information obtained through cookies.

Modification or update of information

The personal data provided by the user will be part of a file that will contain their profile. The user can modify his profile at any time using his email and the assigned password that he chose himself. andinohost advises the user to update their data every time they undergo any modification, as this will allow them to provide a more personalized service. If you participate in the email promotion service, you may deactivate the service at any time.

Personal information protection

The information provided by the user is secured by their email account and password, which only the user can access and of which only they are aware. We recommend that you do not reveal your password to anyone. andinohost will not ask for your password in any unsolicited phone call or email message.

At all times, the user is solely and ultimately responsible for keeping his or her personal username and password secret. To reduce the risks andinohost recommends that the user log out of their account and close their browser window when they finish their activity, even more so if they share their computer with someone or use a computer in a public place such as a library or an Internet cafe.

Confidentiality of minors

Safeguarding children's personal information is extremely important. andinohost collects the essential minimum of that information necessary to provide its services. andinohost does not request personally identifiable information from minors. Minors should always ask their parents for permission before sending personal information to another user online.

Acceptance of terms

This Confidentiality and Privacy statement is subject to the terms and conditions of andinohost, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and andinohost. If the user uses our services and/or products, it means that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms set out above. If you do not agree with them, the user should not provide any personal information or use the services of the andinohost sites.

Minimum principles of our privacy/confidentiality policy

Next, andinohost will briefly explain the principles that govern its privacy and confidentiality policies for the information provided by users of its online electronic services:

  • andinohost will only collect the customer information that is necessary to provide the personalized services that are available on its website, which will be used only for the purposes requested.
  • andinohost strives to ensure the quality of the information that is stored about our online service users, particularly when it has been obtained through an information or service provider.
  • andinohost focuses its efforts on offering advanced modern technology in order to offer its clients or users the greatest possible security in the management and transfer of the information that is requested in the various data request processes.
  • andinohost avoids the disclosure of information about the client/user, doing so only with respect to those data that are expressly authorized to do so.
  • At all times, andinohost is attentive to the concerns expressed by our clients or users regarding the management of the information they provide for the various online processes.
  • andinohost ensures that these principles of privacy and confidentiality extend to all commercial relationships within the group.
  • andinohost shares the responsibility for the care of the information with its employees, making them co-participants in the guidelines set forth in the “Privacy and Confidentiality Policies” documents.