MultiPHP en cPanel

MultiPHP in cPanel

With the release of cPanel's EasyApache 4 tool, modifying the PHP version of your cPanel account will be easy. You will be able to specify PHP versions and configurations for individual domains and subdomains in your cPanel account using the 'MultiPHP Manager' tool and 'MultiPHP INI Editor'. You will find both tools accessible in the section […]

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¿Cómo configurar una cuenta de correo con seguridad SSL?

How to configure an email account with SSL security?

Obtain configuration from cPanel Logging in from cPanel You must enter through the control panel with one of these login methods ( must be changed to your own domain) http://cpanel.andino. host Once you have logged into cPanel, you must look for the Email / Email section and use the Email / Email Accounts option […]

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