¿Cómo configurar una cuenta de correo con seguridad SSL?

How to configure an email account with SSL security?

Get settings from cPanel

Logging in from cPanel

  1. You must enter through the control panel with one of these entry forms (you must change andino.host for your own domain)
    1. http://andino.host/cpanel
    2. http://cpanel.andino.host
    3. https://andino.host:2083
    4. http://andino.host:2082
  2. Once you have entered cPanel, you must look for the section Email / Email and use the option Email accounts / Email accounts
  3. Once inside this option you will find the section Email accounts / Email accounts where the list of email accounts created within the cPanel is shown and on the same line there is the action Install email client / Set up mail client
  4. Once you click on this option, the autoconfiguration files for various email clients will be displayed, which only need to be downloaded and executed on your machine or mobile device.
  5. There is also the section Mail Client Manual Settings where the input and output ports and servers to be used in the mail clients are shown

Entering from webmail

    1. You must enter through the control panel with one of these entry forms (andino.host must be changed to your own domain)
      1. http://andino.host/webmail
      2. http://webmail.andino.host
      3. https://andino.host:2096
      4. http://andino.host:2095
    2. Once you enter the corresponding email and password information, the following sections will be displayed:
      1. Client available to view email online – Choose a default webmail application
      2. Download section of autoconfigurators for email clients – Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts
      3. Section where the input and output ports and servers will be displayed to use with the email account – Mail Client Manual Settings 

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